The RQWQCQ Strategy for Solving Math Word Problems

RQWQCQ is a good strategy to use when solving math word problems. Each of the letters in RQWQCQ stands for a step in the strategy.

Read- Read the entire problem to learn what it is about. You may find it helpful to read the problem out loud, form a picture of the problem in your mind, or draw a picture of the problem.

Question- Find the question to be answered in the problem. Often the question is directly stated. When it is not stated, you will have to identify the question to be answered.

Write- Write the facts you need to answer the question. It is helpful to cross out any facts presented in the problem that are not needed to answer the question. Sometimes, all of facts presented in the problem are needed to answer the question.

Question- Ask yourself “What computations must I do to answer the question?”

Compute- Set up the problem on paper and do the computations. Check your computations for accuracy and make any needed corrections. Once you have done this, circle youranswer.

Question- Look at your answer and ask yourself: “Is my answer possible?” You may find that your answer is not possible because it does not fit with the facts presented in the problem. When this happens, go back through the steps of RQWQCQ until you arrive at an answer that is possible.
Use RQWQCQ to help you correctly solve math word problems.

Managing Your Study Time

There are only so many hours in a day, a week, and a term. You cannot change the number of hours, but you can decide how to best use them. To be successful in school, you must carefully manage your study time. Here is a strategy for doing this.

Prepare a Term Calendar
At the beginning of a term, prepare a Term Calendar. Update it as the term goes on. Here is what to do to prepare a Term Calendar.
-Record your school assignments with their due dates and your scheduled tests.
-Record your planned school activities.
-Record your known out-of-school activities.
-Each Sunday before a school week, prepare a Weekly Schedule. Update it as the week goes on. Here is what to do to prepare a Weekly Schedule.

Record your daily classes
-Enter things to be done for the coming week from your Term Calendar.
-Review your class notes from the previous week to see if you need to add any school activities.
-Add any out-of-school activities in which you will be involved during the week.
-Be sure to include times for completing assignments, working on projects, and studying for tests. These times may be during the school day, right after school, evenings, and weekends.

Each evening before a school day, prepare a Daily Organizer for the next day. Place a √ next to each thing to do as you accomplish it. Here is what to do to prepare a Daily Organizer.

-Enter the things to do for the coming day from your Weekly Schedule.
-Enter the things that still need to be accomplished from your Daily Organizer from the previous day.
-Review your class notes for the day just completed to see if you need to add any school activities.
-Add any out-of-school activities in which you will be involved the next day.

Your Weekly Schedule should have more detail than your Term Calendar. Your Daily Organizer should have more detail than your Weekly Schedule. Using a Term Calendar, a Weekly Schedule, and a Daily Organizer will help you make the best use of your time.

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